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What, a beer can and Chicken?

Posted by VinnyJ on July 31, 2011 1:29 am

Today was a rather busy day for us.

Went to a family barbecue at my uncle’s, it just ended 2 hours ago.

There was lot of chatter about how so-and-so is doing.
My cousin introduced his new girlfriend to the family, and my aunt also introduced her boyfriend.
This had me thinking for a moment, I was feeling a tad envious.
Maybe someday, I too can proudly introduce my significant other.

Afterward, we all started helping ourselves to the food.
The food consisted of Rice, Greek Potatos, Beans, Salad, Chicken with peas, while on the grill, steak and chicken were being prepared.

The sun was beating down hard on us, there was minimal shade in the backyard.

After I had finished eating, I went to the front steps of the house,
my two younger cousins followed.

We were just talking about random crap, like youtube videos, internet memes, he kept going on and on about “Battlefield 3 Alpha” or something.

I decided to check on skype mobile out of curiousity.
I wasn’t really well received by my friends because they all seemed busy at the time, so I closed out and went on youtube, in which I turned on the phone’s camera.

My cousin was describing about how my uncle crammed a beer can into a grilled chicken for flavor, in which I have a video of our conversation right HERE:

I thought it was interesting, at least.
Ten minutes later, the phone’s battery died, ffffffff

We sat at the steps until the sun went down, just talking.
Afterward, everyone went home.

It was a good day, we’re going back tomorrow.


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