Some content restored

Recovered some of the site’s M.U.G.E.N. content from an snapshot.
The old 2011 content that was in the /upload/ directory

Author: vinnyj

Vince is the webmaster behind this site and aspires to a lot of things. The issue is that he procrastinates... A LOT. He likes to play games, listen to decent music, and prefers to hang around technology in general. He frequents social media, despite being an introverted individual.

4 thoughts on “Some content restored”

  1. Hello, I’m Axellord. I’m a Mugen Coder and I want to ask you for some help. I have a Mugen of Inuyasha and I’m going to update this one. Several characters are yours, although in some cases I have edited them in more ways than one, I wanted to know if you want to help me with the things I still have to finish (Basically make Shippo and Totosai)

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