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Ricepigeon’s Touhou MUGEN Characters and Stages

Posted by VinnyJ on January 1, 2012 1:46 am

I have removed Ricepigeon’s Touhou creations as per email request.
His non-Touhou creations shall remain.

More information:


  • to mr.RicePigeon,im sorry for writing at here

    1.about the “company”

    do you know a secret process of attacking trademark rights “上海アリス幻樂団”
    in order to control the touhou dojin shares(force ZUN to something),by a real black company?

    japanese nominal economic rate is large, and there economic mafias are anywhere.
    and it is a legal and lowful country, then, “lowful evils” are always searching for their “money supply”.

    ZUN had to make up that nominal company, to protect touhou from badguys.
    the ko-rindo only have 2 or 3 prople, and they are ZUN’s drunk friend at bar lol.

    it sometimes happens(in japan).
    of course, the case were to be(or can be) change to somehow darken, or cruel…but it seems not to be so bad level now.

    but some fibber seem to be prick you…so regrettable.
    and that irritating “prank” might be continues, and that you had to get a cushion for getting real information,
    your judge is an safety implication, and that might be good for your life i think.

    = i feel so vexing, but if you say that “it is for my comfortable life”,i would say “yes, i think so, the complication and awesome shouldnot be in your garden”.


    unfortunately, touhou characters are conspicuous(from its well-known and proportioned figure at mugen…comicalise like),
    and as its fanatic believers (real fool guys) are worries and troubles,there are some latent anti touhous exists.

    about half of “hatred actions and objections” are made by them.
    others are by man who does not dislike, but sometimes feel hinder for that movie including touhou character.
    situations are not so bad, but it can be said that “the foolish(including anti member) speaks much”,so that is remarkable.

    and…that “cheap characters” are born (you know “Gods” and “beside the question” characters)
    their fanatic believers continue earning problems, and about half of their base characters are touhou.
    so, it seem to be hard for “silent lovers” to be “taste for touhou”, of their getting actual harm.

    it is only that, but “actions without forethought, by children(mentaly)” made the total impression against touhou,that is true.

    i think your characters are good,not so bad meaning are being born by you,so please be relieved.
    the only thing i wanna say is that. thanks for your wonderful mades, and from now on(if there’s no touhou,there are another good characters in you and your friend’s HP space 🙂 ).

    3.power and compliance

    i know what you said.
    the economic war(the touhou case is little,but…) including creed and territory is a karma, and tragic.
    i wish it to be less rough…i mean calmative.

  • una lastima Ricepigeon es un buen autor y estaba echo para las creaciones touhou. sus creaciones eran tan agradables que les podía caer bien a cualquier aficionado al mugen desde el mas novato hasta el mas sabio o critico se puede decir.. que mas…una lastima espero que se pueda resolver este asunto. ya que se merece que siga con el proyecto vale la pena seguir el camino que esta eligiendo. sin mas nada que decir saludos y suerte Ricepigeon.

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