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Posted by VinnyJ on July 30, 2011 4:30 am  •  0 Comments

Spent most of the day sleeping. >_>

A pretty uneventful day, still waiting on the call.
I didn’t miss it according to the caller ID.

Enjoyed many games of League of Legends with my Skype friends.

After everyone heads to sleep, I wonder what will become of me.
I feel like I’m being kept in the dark, somehow.
Maybe it’s me, I’ve been feeling uneasy about a lot of things lately.

I’ll try to sleep it off.

Site uploads, I promised

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I split it by who uploaded it.

I walk undaunted

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I had some trouble sleeping, last night.
With the interview looming in my mind, It became difficult to.
Maybe that’s why I played horribly in any game, hours prior. (Excuse?)

I attempted to kill some time online, but the power went out…great.
Can’t be helped, so I headed out downtown.

Upon arriving there, I was overwhelmed by the thick aroma of chocolate being baked.
I walked in, I was told to sign-in and was handed a hairnet, safety glasses and a smock, then directed to proceed upstairs to the office.

It was a waiting room with a teller window, behind the teller I could see many office cubicles and doors.
There were five people already waiting when I arrived, three more came soon after.
The wait was about 15 to 20 minutes, until a short blonde woman came in from the door next to the teller window, she was dressed in her safety attire (smock and hairnet) over her normal clothing.

She introduced herself as one of the supervisors of the facility, told us to put on our hairnets, smocks and safety glasses, she led us toward the back of the cubicles into one of the various doors, a meeting boardroom.

There, two other men walked in, they introduced themselves as supervisors from different departments,
they told us they would be evaluating our resumes and taking part in the solo interview process.

We were instructed about the duties of the various positions available and work hours.
She made it perfectly clear that all positions were Temp for Hire, for 30, 60 or 90 days, if they’re satisfied with one’s performance, the position becomes permanent.

Soon after that, we were given a tour of the entire place, from top to bottom.
Several areas were a bit uncomfortable to be in, due to the large ovens and loud grinders that give off a lot of heat.

Others were extremely air-conditioned to keep the chocolate from melting after it was molded into large bars. It was an interesting sight to see chocolate chips being mass-produced in front of you.
As well, as observing the large bars of chocolate with engraved text rolling on the belt and quickly watching them being packed into boxes by hand at such a quick pace. (INB4FUDGEPACKER JOKE. >:P)

Afterward, back at the board room, we drew lots to determine the order for the one-on-one interviews, I happened to get the luck of the draw: NUMBER ONE!

I was led to a different office by the woman and two men, all ready with clipboards, with my resume in each one.
I was asked the typical questions of what my previous jobs were like, my duties, I was asked personality questions, like if I ever “gone above and beyond” the call of the job, or if I ever had issues with co-workers, luckily, all my jobs have been smooth-sailing on that end.

I realized while answering all their questions, my nervousness that accompanied me throughout the day vanished, I was very confident, and NOT STUTTERING like I tend to when stuck or confronted about things.
When finished, I was thanked for my time there, and informed I’d get a call soon after they screen everyone else.
I discard the smock and hairnet and returned the safety glasses to the front desk.

Stepping outside, I had no doubts about what I told them.
Time will tell if that all paid off or not.

When I got home, I noticed the power had returned.

I had barely slept, that was the first thing on the agenda, but out of habit I turned on my PC.
I checked skype to see who was on, talked for a bit, then went to sleep.

I was woken up by a phone call, YET ANOTHER INTERVIEW, this time a different place.

It’s more manufacturing work, but I accepted the interview appointment for early august anyway.
I wish I could get something related to my passion, working with computers…. but what are you going to do? *shrug*

The rest of the night went very well.

A new page turns..

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The site returns.

This will not be a M.U.G.E.N. exclusive blog anymore, it’s going to become a personal blog of mine.
I’ve been wanting to do something like this for years, but I’ve always felt embarrassed due to the fear of being judged by those close to me.

Sites like Twitter, Facebook, and now Google+ encourage people to share their experiences, thoughts, photos, and desires.
With online social networking on the rise, I feel like I should partake a bit, within reason.
I have accounts for all those places, but I feel more comfortable posting here on PIIYM-NET.
I do this for myself, as a place to [come home to] unload what I’m feeling.
The time feels right to do this, I am well overdue.

As for my co-author, Ricepigeon, I thank you for keeping the place alive for such a long time.
You can find his site here:
It wouldn’t be fair to those that have this place bookmarked, I know, I see the trackbacks.
That, and I just can’t bring myself to delete everything.
I will have a directory that contains every upload that has been posted to this site, soon.
The tutorial section will remain, in case I get into one of those teaching moods.