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Random status haiku

Posted by VinnyJ on October 3, 2015 8:41 am  •  0 Comments

I chilled out a bit.
Nothing really new with me.
Unending Journey.


Posted by VinnyJ on April 14, 2015 12:37 am  •  0 Comments


Today seemed fitting to finally do this.
I haven’t met any of my goals I set for myself, online and off.
I don’t feel like the same person as I did back in ’06.

Rather than force it and have you read blog posts from someone with an insipid personality, I’m just going to stop posting for a while.

Maybe one day, I’ll get that spring in my step again.

I have taken down my blog posts, but the other pages will remain for people to access my old M.U.G.E.N files and tutorials.

If I get the urge, I’ll stream randomly on TWITCH.

Ricepigeon’s Touhou MUGEN Characters and Stages

Posted by VinnyJ on January 1, 2012 1:46 am  •  2 responses

I have removed Ricepigeon’s Touhou creations as per email request.
His non-Touhou creations shall remain.

More information:

Unexpected news..

Posted by VinnyJ on October 18, 2011 12:53 am  •  0 Comments

A year and a half later, another loss in the family.

This person cared for us when we were children and walked us to school.
Had a silly way of waking us up for school:

Which was a reference to the old “Fred the Baker” Dunkin Doughnuts commercials from the ’80s.

The last time I saw him was when we all went to my uncle’s house a couple weeks back.
Oh, It was the day when I made this post about hanging out with my cousins when we had the barbecue there.

I don’t know what to do or say to my mother, she took it the hardest.
I asked my father for his reaction to this situation.
My father said to me, in a very serious tone:
It hurts, yea, but, it is a preview of what’s to come, the end of a generation.
That’s the law of life.

I could tell he wasn’t in the mood to talk further, so I turned to leave, he then says to me:

“He used to call you, ‘Plomito‘, when you were a baby.”
“He’d joke about how heavy you were to carry.”
I gave him a quick smile and walked away.
My mother begins to dial my aunt in Mexico to relay the news, so I just let her be and head upstairs.
Totally unexpected.
R.I.P. Tio Gabriel

[Books] It is time.

Posted by VinnyJ on October 12, 2011 10:58 am  •  1 Comment

Programming books


I recently received my books I ordered from Barnes & Noble.

The book I’m starting with is “Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++” by Bjarne Stroustrup.
Afterward it will be “The C++ Programming Language” also by Bjarne Stroustrup.

I talked to my knowledgeable programmer friend on MSN over my book selection, his input was invaluable.
Here’s a few tidbits from a much larger conversation.

    Him: the petzold book is really good
    i didn’t get bored reading it

    Me: that one arrived today, I was surprised at its thickness
    you can kill someone with the thing

    Him: it’s a tome

    Him: it looks like a good selection though
    you took a smart approach to it

Excellent, my motivation increased after he told me that.

    Him: when i learned c++, i bought one of those learn c++ in 30 days books
    it was really helpful because although it was a light explaination,
    it gave me a basic idea of the concept
    which i understood in more detail
    when i read the more advanced books
    although since you’re coming into this with some background
    i don’t think it’ll be a problem
    unlike most people, it seems you know what you’re doing

    Me: alright awesome.
    Your opinion was important to me, on this matter thanks.

    Him: np. feel free to ask me any questions if you have problems understanding any concepts

    Me: Sure thing.

This should keep me distracted fully, right?
Wrong.. my mind tends to wander in-between chapters thinking about her.
I need to stop, seriously, I won’t learn from my books, if I keep that up.
She dislikes me and there’s no changing that anymore.

Anyway, It’ll be a while until I read that Petzold book, the author assumes I have a good handle on C/C++, not that far yet!
As for the “In easy steps” book, I skimmed it, looks decent but I prefer the books written by the actual creator of the language.

Who knows, “Lazy Dog Creations” might rise again, this time with C++ apps, but that’s thinking too far ahead.
Motivation Level: HIGH

Back to reading, until next post!
And yes Zuly, CoD and LoL are written in C++ and some Lua.